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Why Qiwi Bank Investor

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Industry leading transaction prices

• Free investment account opening

• No hidden fees

• Earnings calculator built inside platform

Fast onboarding process

• No suitability or appropriateness questionnaires

• Register » Deposit » Earn

• Start investing from 25 USD

User friendly, multi-device

• Simple UI for best experience

• Track your investments in your pocket

• Access to all information in one place

invest with us and get profit

Investment plans

1. Dynamic deposit

Profit 2,1% daily for 15 days

Minimum investment 25.00 USD / Maximum investment 100000.00 USD

Deposit with the higher profit opportunities
• Higher profit opportunities - in good market conditions, income may be higher than in term deposit.
• Guaranteed amount - irrespective of market fluctuations, the deposit principal will be paid out at 100% extent upon maturity.
• Attractive offer - specially selected investments in global financial markets.

2. Savings for Child's Future

Profit 2,5% daily for 30 days

Minimum investment 500.00 USD / Maximum investment 100000.00 USD

Create your child’s future today!
Start saving for a better future for your child today and make use of the following advantages:

• Savings will help to contribute to a comfortable future of your child;
• Savings is covered by a guaranteed amount at the end of savings period;
• Financial safety for your child - your life will be insured;
• Receive personal income tax refund of your contributions every year.

3. Investment funds

Profit 3,0% daily for 60 days

Minimum investment 1000.00 USD / Maximum investment 100000.00 USD

Opportunity to profit from the stock market dynamics
Investment funds are formed by uniting financial resources of many investors. These resources are further managed by professional investment managers, giving possibility to get profit from securities market.

• High liquidity
• Diversification
• Professional management
• Profitability
• Convenient investment management in Internet Bank

4. Derivative instruments (Futures, Options)

Profit 3,5% daily for 100 days

Minimum investment 10000.00 USD / Maximum investment 100000.00 USD

Make investments or hedge risks with futures
A future, or a futures contract, is an agreement which imposes an obligation / gives the right for the customer to buy or to sell a specified asset on a specified future date at a specified price. When buying or selling a future, the customer pays a commission fee to the bank. The amount of the commission fee depends on the futures exchange on which the future is traded and the number of futures contracts traded.

Make investments or hedge risks with options
The option contract, or simply option, gives the buyer the right, but not an obligation, to buy ("call" options) or sell ("put" options) an asset on or before a specified date at a specified price ("strike price"). The option seller (writer), in turn, assumes the obligation to buy ("put" options) or sell ("call" options) the specified asset at a specified price within a specified time period. When buying an option, the customer pays a premium and a fee for the execution of the transaction, the amount of which depends on the option exchange where the option is traded and on the number of option contracts traded (for over-the-counter option transactions, the fee is normally agreed on a case by case basis).

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Manage your money easily and securely

Become a customer

  • files-crossNo hidden fees for active usage of daily banking services
  • deal24/7 service for extraordinary cases and daily product support
  • speedConvenient online access to your accounts via Online Banking
Simple and clear financial solutionsSave money and time. Qiwi Online Bank is available 24/7

Online bank

• If you’ve just renewed your passport or ID card, you don’t have to plan a trip to a branch. Submit your renewed documents online.

• Ask a bank employee any questions you may have through the online bank’s chat.

• Use instant payments for transactions that can’t wait.

Private Banking

Private banking offers benefits

  • hosting-serverSafe vault
  • cityPersonal private banker – adviser
  • earthConcierge service
Business customers

Offers for business

Choose the best starting plan for you at Qiwi Bank. Our investment plans are so beneficial that 9 out of 10 new clients choose one of them

  • internet-networkDecide for yourself where to invest the money
  • equalizer-aGood solution when the company needs additional resources to improve cash flow.
  • airdropEasy and clear financial solution for investment.
We recommend the following safety measures on computers used for Online Banking:

• Install Antivirus software and configure it to automatic update of the virus definitions database (at least one auto-update per day).

• Install and turn on the local firewall. It should be configured so that it prevents connections from the Internet to your computer.

• Regularly download and install security updates for all software installed in your computer.

• Use the latest browser and operating system available.

• Turn on automatic updates for all software.

• Set your browser to block pop-ups.

We recommend the following safety measures on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) used for Online Banking:

• Download and install applications only from trusted sources such as the App Store on the iPhone and iPod touch or Google Play on your AndroidTM device or Windows Phone apps store.

• Do not root or jailbreak your mobile device to get around limitations set by your carrier or device manufacturer. It will remove protections built into the device to defend against mobile threats.

• Configure your mobile device to automatically download and install updates for all software installed on it.

• Use the latest browser and operating system available.

What is the SUN Token?

The Qiwi Bank Utility Network Token (SUN) is the dollar-pegged token that facilitates the entry and exit points of the Qiwi Bank marketplace.

Token Specifications

SUN is pegged to the value of the USD at $1. It lives on a private blockchain.

Token Uses

SUN provides a mechanism of accounting and compliance-safe tradability of SRC20 tokens. It can be exchanged into SRC20 tokens on the Qiwi Bank platform.

Suspicious e-mails or calls. Be cautious and on your guard!

Sometimes you may receive phone calls or letters allegedly from 'bank employees' or other 'officials' asking you to reveal your secret codes. As a general rule such phishing is designed to trick somebody into disclosing their bank or credit card information by sending fraudulent e-mails purporting to be from a bank, Internet service provider, etc. asking for verification of account numbers or passwords.

• Online banking users must not disclose secret internet bank codes information to anybody even if threatened or promised substantial financial reward for it.

• Online banking users are encouraged to call the bank and inform it of any suspicious e-mails or phone calls asking them to supply or confirm information concerning their secret internet banking access codes.

• Online banking users must not click on links contained in suspicious e-mails, open any attachments or reply to them.

• Qiwi bank never sends e-mails asking to provide your user ID, passwords or code card numbers, or any links to websites where any of your data have to be entered.

• Qiwi Bank never sends any e-mails asking to install additional software to improve Internet banking usability.

If you suffered something similar please report incident to the bank

Safe browsing

• Threat suspicious files with caution and do not open them. Do not open files from anyone you don't know or if you are not convinced that it is safe to do so. Also be wary of suspicious files from people you know - they may be infected and the file in question may be a virus or spyware. Most often viruses are contained in files with the extensions .exe, .com, .bat, .vb, .vbs, .js, .scr and .pif.

• Viruses may also be present in Microsoft Office documents, so it is well worth to exercise caution when opening them and to select 'No' when Word asks if you want to run a macro (program script).

• When you finish your Internet banking session, log off (by clicking on “Exit") and close your Internet browser (by clicking on “X" sign). This is obligatory even if you leave your computer unattended for a little while. By following this advice, you will protect yourself against your computer (and your bank accounts) being accessed by other persons.

• If possible, avoid banking online at public places (Internet cafes, libraries etc.) However, if you must do so, always make sure that you close the browser after banking online and change your login password as soon as possible.

• Do not log in to your computer using a user profile with administrator rights in your day-to-day work.

• Turn your computer off when you don't use it. Nobody can hack a computer which is offline.

Keep an eye on the movement of finances in your account

• Keep track of transactions in your account on a regular basis.

Use free online virus scanners to verify that your computer is safe:




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